Stuart McAlpine Miller

Stuart McAlpine Miller is a contemporary artist with multiple successful exhibitions to his name and a record of exhibiting his work at prestigious galleries all over the world.

Stuart’s work is inspired by exploring themes and distorting portraits using a multi-layered arrangement of text and symbols as a way to create abstract imagery and tie it all together in a Pop Art style. He scans his hand-painted artworks and manipulates them further using digital software before using them again as a remastered base to work onto with traditional tools for the finishing touches and kaleidoscopic layering.

His influences include a variety of artists including old masters such as Caravaggio, Albrecht Durer, Hieronymous Bosch as well as a handful of modern artists such as Andy Warhol, a leading founder of the Pop Art Movement.

Stuart grew up in Ayrshire, a picturesque county in southwest Scotland, and later went on to study the craft of drawing and painting at the Glasgow School of Art, graduating with a BA Honours in 1990.

Stuart did some vital networking at his degree show and made contacts that enabled him to head straight to London and begin work on his first professional exhibition. In less than a year, Stuart was exhibiting internationally with both solo and group shows and before too long was working on projects with major brands including Renault, Virgin and the BBC.

Over time, the artist received numerous private commissions from a variety of prominent patrons including Sir Paul McCartney, whom the artist consulted with on a daily basis throughout the process of the commission; to paint the piano that was used throughout Sir Paul McCartney’s European tour in 2004.

Stuart’s exhibitions continued to keep him and his work travelling the world, with successful shows in cities such as London, Hong Kong and New York.

In 2012, Stuart became artist-in-residence at The Savoy Hotel in London and he was commissioned to create a collection of 8 paintings for the series - ‘A Time For Reflection: The Savoy Suite’, which is held permanently on exhibition in the Thames Foyer; the atrium that is the heart of The Savoy.

The collection of works for The Savoy gave Stuart the opportunity and the access to research and dig into the rich history of London’s first purpose-built deluxe hotel. His series worked to provide a unique perspective on some of the most iconic patrons of The Savoy’s past; including Charlie Chaplin, Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe.

Stuart followed up his highly popular Savoy collection with another incredibly successful series - ‘Lost Lives/Split Personalities’, through which the artist explored some of the most famous musicians of history; including Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury and Amy Winehouse.

Stuart also worked on a front cover for Luxure Magazine, with the original artwork being exhibited at The Ivy. Another notable exhibition was a celebration of the famous football player Pele’s 75th birthday - ‘Art, Life, Football’, which was held at The Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair in 2016.

Stuart’s latest collection - ‘Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic’ is set to be released with a limited-edition run of prints and an exclusive solo exhibition to be held here at S&P Gallery in London.

Stuart approached Warner Bros with his ideas and intentions to create a new licensed collection of artworks, interpreting the Wizarding World in his own signature style and exploring the deeper, darker themes of the story in the process.

Stuart’s objective with this collection was to create artworks for the adults that grew up reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies.

Stuart McAlpine Miller shows no signs of slowing down with his creative output and continues to attract the attention of galleries, collectors and investors all over the world.

Portrait photograph of artist Artist Stuart McAlpine Miller

Stuart McAlpine Miller Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic

Stuart McAlpine Miller is coming to S&P Gallery in person for an exclusive solo exhibition, showcasing his latest collection Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic.

This highly-anticipated collection of enchanting artworks features Stuart’s exploration of the personalities of iconic characters from the much loved Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

This exhibition of the exclusive collection of limited-edition prints of all 11 artworks from the series begins April 7th, 2022.

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