Art as an Investment

Invest in One of the Best Performing Asset Classes

Our unique strategies have brought our customers returns of up to 64.6% in just 12 months, outperforming traditional asset classes by 12%

Our network of relationships with leading galleries and private art collectors ensures our clients have access to some of the rarest, most sought-after and profitable pieces available.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting to build an investment portfolio, Smith & Partner are on hand to walk you through the process of investing in the art market today.

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Why Invest in Art?

Investment Portfolio Diversification

Investment Portfolio Diversification

Art is the key to a diversified portfolio, not an alternative form of investment.

Art should be part of a well-rounded investment portfolio, especially when the goal of investing over the long term is not only to boost investments but to also maintain revenues.

Stable Asset Class

Stable Asset Class

There is always a buyer for art.

Deloitte estimates the total value of art to be $1.7 trillion. By 2026, this number is projected to reach $2.7 trillion. Technological advances are making art more transparent and more accessible, resulting in a higher transaction volume.

Continuous Market Growth

Continuous Market Growth

Just like stocks and bonds, art can increase in value.

In recent years, art has grown in value globally at a rate of 6% each year. Globalisation, increased knowledge, and cultural interests all work to ensure a growing marketplace for art.

Proven Historical Returns

Proven Historical Returns

According to Artprice, blue-chip art created by some of the world’s most recognisable artists has outperformed the S&P 500 by 180% from 2000-2018.

With limited edition prints, our expertise has been a part of portfolios containing emerging and established artists, as well as blue-chip artists that have returned as much as 64.6% within 12 months.

Asset-Backed Investment

Asset-Backed Investment

Art is an asset-backed investment and each piece is unique and tangible. Our collection of limited edition fine art prints are physical products you can enjoy, treasure and display, with an opportunity for profit in the future.

Hedge Against Inflation

Hedge Against Inflation

Art has an exceptionally low correlation to more traditional investments such as stocks and shares and serves as a hedge against inflation.

While any investment carries a risk, one of the major benefits of art is that it’s an asset that’s not largely impacted by market volatility, inflation or devaluation in currency. This serves as a risk reduction in your investments.

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Sale price £4,600


Purchase price £2,300

Sale price £3,500

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3 Steps to Art Investment

At Smith & Partner, we believe in making art collection and the art market accessible to everyone. We provide art investment services that offer value to collectors and investors of any experience level within the art market.

1 // Art Advisory

At Smith & Partner, you’ll have a dedicated broker on hand to breakdown detailed market insights, along with the best practises in the industry so you can proceed with the highest level of confidence in your investment.

2 // Acquisition & Wealth Management

Your personal broker will then recommend a bespoke selection of works from our catalogue of profitable pieces and keep you up to date with any art market news or trends related to the portfolio you’ve built with us.

3 // Returns

You'll be informed when's the best time to sell your artwork based on the market landscape we've been diligently following on your behalf. Providing you are satisfied, we will market the artwork for you and you’ll receive a full breakdown of your return.

Why invest with Smith & Partner?

Unlike buying stock market shares, every artwork you purchase from Smith & Partner belongs to you, you alone own the work outright. This gives you the autonomy to keep the art for as long as you like and sell it whenever you want to.

Exclusive Art Access

Exclusive Art Access

We have exclusive access to limited-edition fine art prints as well as sought-after, one of a kind original artworks from emerging, established and blue-chip artists.

Personalised Investment Plans

Personalised Investment Plans

We have a strong desire to create profitable collections for our clients using bespoke, personalised art investment plans that ensure growth and stability.

Detailed Market Insights

Detailed Market Insights

Here at Smith & Partner, we offer the foremost platform for anyone looking to build an investment-savvy art collection based on detailed market insights.

Market Trend Tracking

Market Trend Tracking

Our specialists are tracking art market trends daily, along with the value of your collection. When the market is prime for selling, your broker gets in touch immediately with the details.

Expert Insider’s Knowledge

Expert Insider’s Knowledge

Our inside knowledge of the art market along with our network of valuable connections puts us in the prime position to advise and guide you to making profitable investments.

Art Market Understanding

Art Market Understanding

Our diverse knowledge and understanding of the art market ensure you’ll receive an accurate, professional evaluation and authentication of your artworks.

DISCLAIMER : S&P Gallery is not considered to be a financial institution but a buyer and seller of luxury goods, any price rise or decrease is circumstantial to market conditions so we do not guarantee the price of any artworks in the future.