Natalie Lennard

Natalie Lennard, the alter ego of contemporary artist Miss Aniela, is a fine art photographer that captures the raw realities of life and childbirth in particular.

This artist is creatively driven by motherhood and willing to make a statement on political issues with no fear of controversy.

“Ever since I first began taking photos as a student in 2006, I have been focused on the female form. First, this was through the act of self-portraiture, then through fashion models. As the years passed and I became a mother in 2013, I suddenly craved making art that manifested the power and rawness of the ultimate act of femaleness: childbirth.”

Natalie Lennard’s Birth Undisturbed series is an award-winning fictional narrative series that explores the world and history to depict childbirth both ancient and modern, squalid and famous, capturing the stories of childbearing women both real and imagined. 

“In a sense, every woman in this series is Eve. She is giving birth on her own terms, on her own terrain and in her own time. She is defying the ‘curse’, the idea of original sin. She is a strong woman. She is the first woman. She is the ‘empowered’ woman. Every picture in this series has been challenging. Pride is maybe the most challenging shot I’m ending the series with.”