Mr. Controversial

Mr. Controversial is a London-based artist who lives up to his creative pseudonym through the controversial nature of his work, calling out and poking fun at the first-world problems obsessed over by the millennial digital-first generation. 

The artist works in a Pulp Fiction art style using oil paint and screen printing techniques, transforming vintage imagery into relatable works of fine art; telling comical, satirical and sometimes dark stories. 

Mr. Controversial finds inspiration in exploring the notion of individualism in a politically correct world and the personal frustrations of a world obsessed with social media.


Mr. Controversial’s new collection is very much an evolution of the work that has been successful to date. To stay true to his roots, this new collection maintains the core characteristics of a Mr. Controversial artwork. The beautiful, glamorous, empowered women combined with the witty, sarcastic captions.

Mr. Controversial has introduced new pulp imagery created from scratch, as well as photography of icons; from Hollywood actresses to civil rights protagonists. A new san serif font, new mediums, a new monochrome colour scheme, as well as a new presentation in the framing style. All new elements but the same Mr. Controversial twist – beautiful vintage aesthetic with witty, relatable and current captions that tell an enticing story.

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