The S&P Gallery Spring 2022 Fine Art Collection Roundup

The S&P Gallery Spring 2022 Fine Art Collection Roundup

Now that Spring has officially sprung, we’re able to deliver the first instalment of our new seasonal fine art collection roundup, exciting artworks that have been hand-selected by our S&P Gallery expert art advisors.

This selection of fine art pieces contains both original artworks and limited-edition prints.

It’s also exciting that right now is the best time to invest in art, so whether you’re new to collecting or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of great opportunities to diversify your investment portfolio with artworks to suit every budget.

The Spring 2022 Fine Art Collection


Miss Aniela - Bloom Face - Limited Edition Print


Miss Aniela - Bloom Face - Limited-edition print

In this cropped portrait, the face of a young woman with an intense gaze is in focus. There is a glittery bloom of gold and decorative floral elements glazed across her face. 

Upon looking closely, you can also notice parts of landscapes, animals, butterflies and figures, some of which are taken from ancient Chinese paintings, all making up the superimposed composition within the glaze of the young woman’s face.

The pattern seamlessly follows the form of her face, wrapping up and around her deep blue eyes and forming a beauteous mask.

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Daniela Raytchev - Beautiful, Changes, 2020 - Original Artwork

Daniela Raytchev - Beautiful, Changes - Original artwork

‘Beautiful, Changes’ is an exploration of healing and recovery through vibrant shades of blues and greens with the intricacies of Kolam; a traditional form of decorative art that is drawn using rice flour. Daniela Raytchev discovered this age-old art form whilst travelling in India. 

The writing in the piece is taken from a paragraph of a poem written by the artist saying “Loving someone, including ourselves and putting that first, can be seen as risk-taking; but the benefits we get go beyond any outside stimulation, be it via people or materialism.”

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Johnny Popkess - An Unfavourable Wind - Limited Edition Print

Johnny Popkess - An Unfavourable Wind - Limited-edition print

This figurative artwork portrays a woman seeking a place to swim, the moment captured shows her clutching at her wide-brimmed hat just as she’s caught by a gust of wind.

The artist uses lighting and shadows to bring dimension and depth to the image, emphasising the heat of the scene depicted which is carefully illustrated through the sharp contrasts of dark and light.

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Tamara de Lempicka - Portrait Of Ira Perrot

Tamara de Lempicka - Portrait Of Ira Perrot - Limited-edition print

Lempicka's attraction to glamour and sensual elegance is typified in this portrait that she painted in 1930, of her close friend and alleged lover, Ira Perrot.

Lempicka captured Perrot in a clinging white satin gown, that clearly outlines and accentuates her form in a way that almost portrays her as a nude. The red shawl echoes and compliments the vermillion red tones of her lips and fingernails.

Perrot leans alluringly against the edge of the composition, holding a bouquet of arm lilies, flowers often used in art to serve as a symbol of romantic appeal and erotic seduction.

Whilst Perrot’s body is turned towards the viewer, her eyes look elsewhere, seemingly unaware of the voyeuristic gaze invited by her pose.

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Mr Nice - The Little Things - Limited Edition Print

Mr Nice - The Little Things - Limited-edition print

In this piece, we see the artist’s signature blend of pop art and street art to capture and frame the familiar characters of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. 

Winnie the Pooh is well known for his appreciation of the simple things, and this artwork echoes the sentiments of both the title and the characters as they take a moment to consider the joy that the little things in life can bring.

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Jeremy Jones - Star Gazers - Original Artwork

Jeremy Jones - Star Gazers - Original artwork

In this atmospheric spray-painted piece, the artist has managed to capture a sense of movement as the cosmos swirls around above the characters.

The characters themselves are familiar, they are characters from Peanuts, a comic strip created by Charles M Schulz which went on to become a film and tv production with popularised characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

The characters here are trapped in a deep gaze, staring up into a starry array that has been created as a result of layers of spray painting techniques and acrylic pens, resulting in a deep and rich surface.

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Bjorn Persson - Cheetah's Throne - Limited Edition Print

Bjorn Persson - Cheetah’s Throne - Limited-edition print

Part of the artist’s African collection, this artwork has become an iconic image that captures the tranquil moment that a cheetah has perched atop a large rock, looking out across the vastness of the Masai Mara landscape, rays of sunlight softly meet the distant horizon.

Bjorn spent weeks following this particular coalition of cheetahs before the brothers slowly accepted his presence, ultimately enabling him to get close enough to capture this intimate photograph.

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Nettie Wakefield - Skittles - Limited Edition Print

Nettie Wakefield - Skittles - Limited-edition print

This artwork shows a watercolour and pencil sketch of an empty sweet packet. Ripped open and crumpled, suspended in space without any context, this piece is a testament to the artist’s renowned style. 

Nettie loves to create artworks that give a seemingly ordinary or uninteresting object a real spotlight moment and sense of focus.

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