The Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic Collection Is Now Live!

The Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic Collection Is Now Live!

There’s an exciting buzz in the S&P Gallery at the moment. We have just released the Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic collection from Stuart McAlpine Miller! 

Alongside this release, we’ll be hosting the solo art exhibition for Stuart McAlpine Miller’s new series which will run until April 27th 2022.

The Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic collection is available for all to purchase from today!



Who Is Stuart McAlpine Miller?

Contemporary Artist Stuart McAlpine Miller

Stuart McAlpine Miller is a contemporary artist that has a solid track record of exhibiting his work at prestigious galleries around the world, he has had shows in several major cities and has also released a number of successful collections.

One of the artist’s most successful collections to date was created during his time as artist-in-residence at London’s The Savoy Hotel. His ‘A Time For Reflection: The Savoy Suite’, is held on permanent exhibition in The Savoy’s famous atrium; the Thames Foyer.

This artist shows no signs of slowing down with his creative output and continues to attract the attention of galleries, collectors and fine art investors all over the world.


Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic Spotlight

The Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic collection is made up of 11 artworks available as limited-edition prints that will be available only for a limited time.

After 6 years in the making, Stuart McAlpine Miller uses this captivating series of artworks to put his unique interpretation and fine art spin on the traditional narratives of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Stuart McAlpine Miller paints a metaphorical chiaroscuro as he captures the light and dark of the personalities of some of the most iconic characters from the story; capturing and defining their personalities in an exciting new deeper and darker way. 

The artist’s main objective for this series was to create a body of artworks that would resonate with adults that had grown up immersed in the Wizarding World, through the books and the movies.

Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic successfully delivers a compelling narrative that explores some of the deeper, darker themes of the Wizarding World.

Be sure not to miss out on this enchanting series of investment-worthy artworks by viewing the full Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic collection.


 Stuart McAlpine Miller - Strength In Numbers - Limited Edition Print

Strength In Numbers

The overall language of this artwork is suggestive of the ambiguity of the possible future. The dawn of a new era has yet to be defined but is already upon us.

Captured in a kaleidoscopic labyrinth of colour and light, we see three of the main characters from the Wizarding World portrayed amongst a repeated triangular pattern that reinforces their resolute arrangement as a trio.

The power of three is also reinforced by the geometric tessellation in the background.

With poise and confidence, the power of three shines forth, ready to navigate and overcome any obstacles in their path.


Stuart McAlpine Miller - The Birth Of Hope - Limited Edition Print

The Birth Of Hope

In a manner reminiscent of Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus' as shown by the clamshell motif behind her and in the title of the piece, Hermione is portrayed in this piece as developing in maturity and confidence.

A bold and unabashed statement, 'I Am Hermione Granger' accompanies the portrait.

Her newly discovered strength propels her to the fore, sure that she has a crucial role to play in the events about to unfold.


Stuart McAlpine Miller - Hypnotic Reveal - Limited Edition Print

Hypnotic Reveal

This portrait of Professor Severus Snape commands our immediate respect due to his dark and mysterious nature, captured flawlessly in this artwork.

His two wands are symbolic of his double-life, and his appearance as the archetypal villain, while in fact being the consummate hero.

The different guises of Harry Potter transparently overlaying Snape’s central figure, make reference to the layers of the character’s personality; Snape fulfilling the role of guardian and protector, despite his cold exterior.

The use of light behind the figure of Snape creates a cross shape, combined with the stylised angular light around his head this imagery carries connotations of religious iconography, specifically the ultimate sacrifice, martyrdom.


Stuart McAlpine Miller - From The Evil Within - Limited Edition Print 

From The Evil Within

Despite Draco Malfoy’s glare and stance, the overriding message in this piece is that his true nature is rather more distorted than he may imagine.

The theme of light emanating from his form is used here again to signify that he isn't purely a dark soul.

At Draco's core; Harry, Hagrid, and Hedwig suggest an inner goodness that isn't immediately apparent, the inclusion of "The Sorcerer's Stone" is a typographical reminder of Draco's story.


Stuart McAlpine Miller - A Complex Nature - Limited Edition Print

A Complex Nature

Amongst the many illusions, reality can also be found, the artist urges us to look there for our truth and more importantly, our future.

In this artwork, we see Harry Potter’s eye deliberately framed to centre the viewer’s gaze and shining forth from his eyes, omniscience that belies his age.

The key imagery that has been layered including the Hogwarts Express, the Phoenix and the sign for Platform 9 ¾ give the artwork a transportive nature.

The suggested arch of a gothic stained glass window framing the characters evokes a religious theme that continues throughout the collection.


Stuart McAlpine Miller - The Hand Of Wisdom - Limited Edition Print

The Hand Of Wisdom

The benevolent figure of Professor Dumbledore is depicted in this artwork engulfed in a crowded world of memories.

Darkness dominates the scene with the occasional glimmer of light; the true story of his life is written on his steely gaze and determined stance.

The implied pathways represent a convergence of past and present, a theme central to the relationship between Harry Potter and Professor Dumbledore.


Stuart McAlpine Miller - Spellbound In Motion - Limited Edition Print 

Spellbound In Motion

Bellatrix Lestrange's stance and movement, reinforced by the train's motion, suggest an unstoppable momentum.

She is set in her tracks, and will not be dissuaded from her course. Her eyes covered in darkness hint at her narrow, myopic view of things.

The chaotic nature of the piece and fragmented composition is suggestive of her disjointed psyche.

'Good against Evil' - a central theme of the collection - is given cleaner typography than the other pieces in this collection to create a stronger message.


Stuart McAlpine Miller - Where The Darkness Resides - Limited Edition Print

Where The Darkness Resides

In this artwork, we see the familiar character, Ronald Weasley, depicted as a typical teenage boy; a dose of normality in an otherwise dramatic setting. This painting shows us the character fighting his inner demons so that his innate goodness can triumph.

The figures of  Harry Potter, Hagrid and Hedwig can be seen in the background in a negative-like manner, stripped of detailed features to show how Ron feels removed from them and alone in his personal battle.

This artwork delivers the message that we alone have the power to affect our future.


Stuart McAlpine Miller - The Tower - Limited Edition Print

The Tower

In this artwork, Harry Potter’s school uniform takes on the guise of armour, inspired by the sense of safety the school of Hogwarts afford him, preparing him for the upcoming battles and the war that lies ahead.

This artwork is another that clearly adheres to the overall theme and highlights the coexistence of good and evil.

The title is suggestive of a tower of strength and that theme is reinforced by the central composition of the painting. Harry holds his wand close to his chest and gestures as though it’s a talisman. Symbolic of his birthright and connection to Lord Voldemort, Harry’s wand is both a blessing and a curse.


Stuart McAlpine Miller - Split Personality - Limited Edition Print

Split Personality

Hermione's two personalities appear here, shown by her two guises. The two portraits are both complex and beautiful.

The symbols of the rays emanating from underneath suggest her development as she matures and transforms the opinions of those around her.

The word 'Reflect,' invites the viewer to see Hermione as a mirror image. Hermione's face is shaded in Gryffindor house colours on the left, while on the right, we see a Hermione who is no longer defined purely by her academic achievements.

This abstracted representation of Hermione's growth and development shows her confidence in her own abilities.


Stuart McAlpine Miller - Towards A Powerful Conclusion - Limited Edition Print

Towards A Powerful Conclusion

The imagery in this artwork is suggestive of an as yet unimagined future for the iconic trio of characters from the Wizarding World.

Undefined but already waiting for its arrival, a new era lies ahead.

The maze of kaleidoscopic colour and light, as well as the geometric tessellation in the background, exemplify the power of three.

This theme is further enforced by the repeated use of triangular patterns that emphasize their resolute configuration as a trio.


Mixed Media Original Artworks From This Collection

As well as our limited edition art prints from this collection, we have a limited number of mixed media original artworks available too.

This collection of mixed media original artworks has been printed using the giclee printing method and has then been hand-embellished with oil paint by the artist himself; adding varying features and characteristics, each print has a unique finishing touch.

Some of these mixed media original artworks have added detailing on the canvas, some have hand-painted frames and in some instances, the artwork has both. Each piece is unique and produced at the artist's discretion, making each artwork totally bespoke and individual.

See the Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic mixed media original artworks.


There’s Still Time To See This Exhibition In Person

The solo exhibition for Stuart McAlpine Miller’s Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic will be open at our South Kensington gallery until April 27th 2022.

S&P Gallery

58 Gloucester Road

London, SW7 4QT

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Following the theme of the collection itself, our gallery space is full of enchantment and excitement, giving visitors the opportunity to be fully immersed in this magical new series of artworks.


Add Some Magic To Your Art Collection

With the release of this exciting new collection from Stuart McAlpine Miller, be sure to make the most of these investment-grade limited edition prints while they last.

See The Full Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic Collection

If you’d like to learn more about this collection of work or the artist, or if you’re looking to learn more about art investment in general, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert art advisors.