Surreal Fashion - Miss Aniela's Fine Art Photography

Surreal Fashion - Miss Aniela's Fine Art Photography

Miss Aniela’s fine art photography is something that has transcended that genre and become much more. Her inspiration and exploration has led her on a journey into the unknown, merging fantasy with reality, fashion with fine art and creating an entirely new genre; Surreal Fashion.



What Is Surreal Fashion?

The answer to that question is the title of this article. Surreal Fashion is Miss Aniela’s Fine Art Photography. 

It’s a fusion of fantasy and reality, it encapsulates beauty, decadence, storytelling and escapism. 

It’s a measured blend of classical and contemporary.

It is reality depicted in an otherworldly nature, a carefully composed symphony between fashion and surrealism.

Surreal Fashion is where fashion meets fine art, through the eyes of an artist who wanted to capture the magic she felt when looking at classical paintings.

There are three key elements to the artworks of Surreal Fashion:

  • Models adorned in magnificently sophisticated designer dresses
  • Awe-inspiring shoot locations and environments
  • Symbolic objects and motifs inspired by various sources



Transforming Fashion Photography Into Fine Art 

Miss Aniela is an artist who found inspiration in many different areas and pooled them together to create something new and exciting. She created a platform that could be used to transform fashion into fine art.

The artist’s personal brief when creating is to make standalone fine art pieces from fashion photography; her highly captivating, cinematic, painterly scenes, shrouded in surrealism, drama and fantastical storytelling certainly fit that brief.

Despite the wonderful architecture and regal environments in the scenes of Miss Aniela’s artworks, the seductive beauty of the characters within the scenes, the luxurious elegance of their opulent costumes and fascinatingly picturesque makeup.

There is a sense of alchemy in each and every piece of Miss Aniela’s work, seeing her transforming fashion photography into fine art.



Miss Aniela’s Surreal Fashion Art

Defining Surreal Fashion is one thing, now for the art itself and a look at some of the breath-taking artworks hand-picked from Miss Aniela’s Surreal Fashion art collection.

Wolves Of Beihai

Miss Aniela - Wolves Of BeiHai - Surreal Fashion - Fine Art Photography

Wearing a beautifully lavish dress that looks like it’s been made from golden dragon scales, the character seems to be a powerful woman who has all that she could possibly want. On either side of her are creatures called Yazis, mystical wolf-dragon hybrids from ancient Chinese mythology; they share the same golden scales as the character’s dress, which was designed by the Chinese couturier Guo Pei.

The room itself has multiple features of traditional Chinese decoration, including the magnificent backdrop of a large-scale Chinese landscape drawing. 

State Of Grace

Miss Aniela - State Of Grace - Surreal Fashion - Fine Art Photography

A blond-haired angel in a gold bodysuit with enormous, feathered wings taking up a large percentage of the composition, almost filling the room; has a look of relief, as though she’s only just regained her composure. 

Shot on location in the Green State Bedroom of Holkhamham, the sense of the Palladian revival style can be felt with ease. The classical paintings in the background give an added sense of mystique and narrative to the character’s presence.

Message To Medusa

Miss Aniela - Message To Medusa - Surreal Fashion - Fine Art Photography

A Medusa’s face familiar to art history enthusiasts, superimposed from Peter Paul Rubens’ Head of Medusa, painted in 1617. 

The reclining young woman seems relaxed and at ease in spite of the numerous snakes slithering around in the room with her, she holds the phone receiver in a nonchalant manner, the cord of which protrudes from Medusa’s mouth. 

The revealing design of the black negligee she’s wearing is almost smoke-like, gradually rising up the woman’s form in contrast with the whiteness of Medusa’s face.

Ragged Rococo

Miss Aniela - Ragged Rococo - Surreal Fashion - Fine Art Photography

A seemingly confident woman holds a striking pose indicative of feminine power. She has one leg up on a chair, and her opposite hand on a parasol, gazing into the unknown with a thoughtful expression of melancholic longing. Her gown, which was clearly elegant and stylish at some point, looks ragged like it’s a metaphor for the person she once was.

The small dog, whose fur shares some similarities with the tattered, hanging quality of the woman’s dress, was taken from Adrian van Utrecht’s Banquet Still Life, painted in 1644.


Miss Aniela - Marooned - Surreal Fashion - Fine Art Photography

In another masterful demonstration of exciting the imagination and visual storytelling prowess, this artwork shows a mermaid who seems very much out of place in her current environment, almost as though she’s been imprisoned in a stately home. This blue-bodied woman of the sea clings to a four-poster bed, prompting a host of questions for the viewer.

Her desaturated gold fishtailed skirt and her red hair are well accentuated by the blue tones of this dark, moody scene.

Up The Great Wall

Miss Aniela - Up The Great Wall - Surreal Fashion - Fine Art Photography

Like a princess plucked straight out of a fairy tale, this blond woman stands atop the Great Wall Of China, both her bodice and her crown sparkling with crystalised gems. However, it’s her skirt that becomes the focal point of this piece and steals the show from one of the seven wonders of the world. 

Her voluminous white skirt spans the width of the walkway on the great wall, gently billowing and dominating the composition from the Chinese landscape that slowly recedes and diminishes behind her.

Miss Aniela's Surreal Fashion Art Collection

This was just a handful of pieces taken from our full collection of limited edition art prints from Miss Aniela.

Miss Aniela’s Surreal Fashion art style has inspired a movement of imitation and formed the foundations of a new, original category of visual storytelling; a new genre of fine art.

There’s no better time than right now to add one of these out of this world contemporary artworks to your collection or investment portfolio and own a piece of art history in the making.

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