10 Reasons You Need An Expert Art Investment Advisor

10 Reasons You Need An Expert Art Investment Advisor

Whether you’re a beginner to art investment or an experienced and seasoned collector, or even if you’re wondering if art is a good investment, you can definitely benefit from the guidance of an expert art investment advisor.

Not only can you rely on them to carry out the majority of the legwork for you, but you can also take advantage of their sizeable network of valuable connections to help you build or add to a collection of art that is cohesive, complementary, in line with your personal tastes, and holds promising future prospects.

Working with professional art brokers can also remove the stress of investment and the somewhat daunting job of navigating the art market with the hope of spotting a piece that has potential for future profitability.

To take a look at this in a little more detail, here are 10 reasons you need an expert art investment advisor:

10 Reasons You Need An Expert Art Investment Advisor

1. They are experts that can be on hand to help you 

Art advisors dedicate their careers, and sometimes even their lives, to honing their craft and becoming experienced specialists in the art industry.

They are on hand to help you and can provide informed opinions whenever you’re looking to purchase or sell art; a professional opinion that is grounded in working experience and market knowledge is a highly valuable asset.

From helping you make the best choices with your initial investments and budgeting to building a profitable portfolio collection, they can also let you know the best time to sell pieces in order to achieve a profit.

An expert art broker is the best chance an investor has for buying at the right price and selling at the right moment. 

2. They help to remove the stress of art investment

There can be a fair amount of stress when it comes to investments of any kind, and in that respect, art is no different. An art advisor, however, can alleviate the majority of this stress and make the journey a lot easier.

One major stress reliever is that they can uncover the hidden costs that can be associated with buying and selling art, such as transaction fees, sales and import taxes, and shipping or storage costs.

They can make all the necessary arrangements you require in terms of shipping or storage, source the artworks that you would like to purchase and even negotiate deals on your behalf.

Overall, an art broker can not only remove the stress of investment but can also take on the majority of the legwork involved.

3. They can help you navigate the art market

An expert art investment advisor will have a solid and up-to-date understanding of the art market as well as the ability to read the shifting trends of the market.

Art brokers have a wealth of knowledge covering the broad spectrum of art, including art history, different art movements and styles, individual artists and their bodies of works as well as experience operating in the market.

Building a knowledge bank of the art world takes a long time, and understanding how the market works can be difficult, so with a guide that can help you find your way, you can focus on the more exciting aspects of art investment, like owning a valuable collection of beautiful art.

4. They have a keen eye for profitable art

Knowing which art to invest in happens to be an art in itself and through a combination of factors including experience, knowledge, business activities and personal connections, art brokers are kept in the loop with which artists are currently in demand, as well as having insight into emerging artists that are set for success, and blue-chip artists whose works have become available.

Often, it isn’t obvious which art is the best choice for investment, so having a keen eye for profitable art is crucial for securing pieces that have the most potential for future profits.

5. They work in line with your preferences and portfolio

By putting your personal tastes and preferences first and working in accordance with any existing pieces you may already have in your portfolio, an art advisor can ensure that the artworks you invest in are complementary as a collection and in line with your aesthetics, and your budget.

A great advisor can also help you to develop your taste, expanding and maturing your existing ideals and preferences in a way that isn’t authoritarian or dogmatic.

6. They have a large network of valuable connections

Art brokers spend their careers forming, building and maintaining valuable relationships with artists, galleries, private collectors, investors, auction houses, large companies, and the list goes on.

They’re always several steps ahead of those who aren't constantly connected with others within the art industry.

This means they are always aware of how prices are changing and looking out for potential opportunities for investment or sale.  

As well as matching you with the right buyer or seller, an art broker also acts as a taken of credibility for yourself and for your collection. 

7. They can help to verify the authenticity of artworks

As experts, art advisors can help to verify the authenticity of artworks that you’re interested in and will always endeavour to ensure the authenticity of any artworks they advise you to invest in.

Authenticity and provenance are very, very important factors when it comes to making an investment in art and they should always be a priority for any investor.

8. They can be an efficient asset for large-scale projects

When it comes to large-scale projects and adding the accents of interior design such as furnishing guest houses and hotels, or corporate spaces and venues for businesses and events; art advisors are a highly efficient asset.

If you have a large-scale project in mind, you’ll want a collection of artworks that work within the space, the setting, perhaps to a theme and that are cohesive and complementary as a body of artworks.

9. They can provide technical evaluations of your portfolio 

You may already have a small collection of artworks that you’ve previously purchased and wish to expand on that catalogue or part ways with it in the future, an art broker can provide technical evaluations of your portfolio to help you understand the value of the collection you already have.

They can also help you find the right pieces to add to your existing collection for the best chances of a higher profit margin in the future.

10. They can provide a breakdown of art investment best practices

One of the most valuable, yet often overlooked services that an expert art investment advisor can provide you with is a breakdown of art investment best practices. 

It’s a skill on the part of a professional with a true understanding of their craft, to be able to break down and simplify a detailed process into a simplified form and deliver it in an easy to understand manner.

The Art Of Investment

It can take many years to develop a keen eye for profitable art. A well-rounded collection will incorporate the works of emerging and established artists. There is often great potential with emerging artists whose works you can build a collection of and reap the rewards from when that artist reaches their full potential.

With informed and expert direction from those that understand both art and the market, you can build a healthy collection of art for a well-rounded investment portfolio and watch the value grow along with the market of the artist or artists you have collected.

Like any market, the art market can rise and fall at times, and whilst it isn't tied to the stock market and acts as an extremely stable asset class, trends can come and go unpredictably, and nobody has the power to predict the future with 100% accuracy.

That being said, however, an expert art investment advisor can be on hand to put their experience and professional knowledge to good use in helping you to navigate and negotiate this terrain. 

They have spent years watching, learning and understanding the art market, its fluctuations and the psychology behind the buying and selling process.

To illustrate this point, how would you feel climbing Everest without the help of a Sherpa guide who has spent their life navigating the mountain’s peaks and valleys, as well as watching and analysing the weather conditions to the point of being able to understand its nuances.

Art advisors are art market guides with an understanding that using art as an investment is an art in itself.

At S&P Gallery, we believe in making art collection and the art market accessible to everyone. We provide art investment services that offer value to collectors and investors of any experience level within the art market.

Our advisors are on hand to offer professional guidance and advice on investing in the art market, so feel free to contact our expert art brokers to arrange a consultation.

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